What Patients Are Saying

   The procedure was very relaxing. Viatronix virtual colonoscopy is the best medical breakthrough.     ~ Naomi Solo, Stony Brook

  I was treated like a king! I would come back again.    ~ James Lewis, Las Vegas

  I had never had one [Optical Colonoscopy] because I heard it was painful. But when I had the Virtual Colonoscopy, it wasn't painful at all. I wish they had had this years ago.   ~ Mary Hughes, Las Vegas

  The best part is that there is no anesthesia. Too many side effects with anesthesia. It was convenient, painless, and informative. The staff was experienced and pleasant, and the surroundings were very comfortable.     ~ Salvatore Bua, Las Vegas

  The prep was so easy. The test was not painful at all. Very fine - no problems."     ~ Eugenia Seymour, Las Vegas


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