What Doctors Are Saying

"After performing a direct comparison of three different virtual colonoscopy systems, we determined that only one system, the Viatronix system, was capable of a primary time efficient 3D reading, which I believe is necessary for sensitive detection of polyps."

~Perry Pickhardt, M.D., University of Wisconsin


"I cannot imagine trying to successfully and accurately perform Virtual Colonoscopy without the use of Viatronix software. The software is so easy to use that it speeds up the viewing process while maintaining complete confidence that you have seen the entire mucosal surface of the colon at least as well as, and almost surely better than with Optical Colonoscopy. Patients are overwhelmed when they see the software and begin to understand why Virtual Colonoscopy is so accurate and that they can have this test with none of the inherent risks of Optical Colonoscopy."

~Dr. Ross Goldberg, Beverly Hills, California


"The most innovative virtual colonoscopy software developed by Viatronix, Inc. allows the radiologist to digitally subtract the tag resulting in digital cleansing of the colon. Image analysis of the fly-through also ensures that almost 100% of the mucosa is visualized. This might radically alter the role of virtual colonoscopy."

~Dr. Owen Epstein, Gastroenterologist, Royal Free Hospital


"We are sure that the advent of this new patient-friendly procedure will soon overcome the negative image of conventional optical colonoscopy and so will significantly raise the number of patients "at risk' coming forward for the detection and treatment of pre-cursors for colorectal cancer, conseq2uently having a major impact on the second biggest cancer killer in the UK."

~Dr. Emer MacSweeney, MedTel UK



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