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CT Angiography
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V3D®-Explorer is a robust diagnostic workstation that can process large and small radiology studies with precision and ease. Designed as a multi-purpose 2D and 3D viewing and post processing workstation, V3D®-Explorer that accepts DICOM compliant images from MR and CT scanners.

Superior image quality and performance together with a collection of easy-to-use editing tools designed to enhance daily workflow. V3D®-Explorer enables radiologists to visualize patient's studies in any 2D or 3D for better understanding of anatomical relationships and pathological conditions. The V3D®-Explorer system is tightly integrated with Viatronix's suite of 3D imaging products for ease of use and maximized productivity.

Ease of Use:
Single click 2D and 3D segmentation
Automatic segmentation presets
Save your work in progress
Productivity tools:
Multiple task-specific screen layouts
Organ-specific window/level presets
MPR, sliding thin slab MIP and Volume Rendering capabilities
Flexible 2D and 3D sculpting
Precision correlation of 2D and 3D images