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3d vessel analysis, virtual vascular analysis

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Ease of Use:

Creates exceptionally detailed 3D images of vessel structures for fast evaluations

Utilizes 2D images acquired from CT and MR examinations
Automated processes optimize workflow and streamline evaluations
Complete post-processing is performed prior to user intervention
Multiple 2D and 3D views are synchronized for optimized review
Ideal for vessel studies: Carotid, Aorta, Circle of Willis, and Renal arteries
Confidence in Read:
Provides effective, time-efficient clinical analysis of vascular abnormalities and diseases
Automatically processes complex 2D images and reconstructs 3D images for viewing with no user intervention
Vascular "Road Map" shows lumen area and calcification along vessel length
Permits visualization of all vessels, from tiny coronary arteries to entire vascular systems
Physician Tools:
Includes a complete suite of productivity tools, including:
Automated Measurement
Curved MPR
Double Oblique MPR
3D Endoluminal Flythrough

3D CT Angiography

Viatronix's V3D®-Vascular is a 2D and 3D diagnostic imaging solution that permits radiologists to select and analyze vessel structures with just the click of a mouse.

From small coronary vessels to complete vascular systems, Viatronix' patented technology automatically identifies and segments vessel-shaped anatomy for quick assessment and patient diagnosis.

Using DICOM-compatible 2D images acquired through MR or CT, the V3D®-Vascular reconstructs images through a patented, automatic post-processing procedure. The entire process takes just a few minutes, requiring no user intervention until the task is complete. The users may then select individual vessels and segment them for review and analysis.

V3D®-Vascular uses automatic algorithms to segment entire vascular systems and analyze small vessels with ease. With clear 3D visualizations of complex vascular anatomy, radiologists are able to more efficiently and effectively evaluate vascular abnormalities and diseases.

The Viatronix V3D®-Vascular virtual analysis module utilizes a suite of productivity tools to assist clinicians in the evaluation of vascular conditions.