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V3D-Calcium Scoring

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V3D®-Calcium Scoring uses a percentile ranking, which is referenced against one of two highly recognized percentile distribution statistics. Based on the percentile, physicians can determine the degree of risk for a coronary artery event and provide recommendations for treatment.

Cardiac Calcium Scoring

V3D®-Calcium Scoring is a fast, and noninvasive method to determine the amount of calcified plaque within the coronary arteries and can aid in assessing the risk for a coronary event.

Using a Multi-Slice Computed Tomography (MSCT) scanner, 2D images of the patient are generated and then processed by V3D®-Calcium Scoring software. Physicians can quickly review the images for any abnormal findings.

V3D®-Calcium Scoring utilizes a simple point-and-click interface for locating, and identifying calcified plaques within coronary arteries.

  • Single click plaque selection
  • Plaque splitting between arteries
  • Individual plaque color-coding
  • Print, fax, and e-mail reports at the click of a button

V3D®-Calcium Scoring utilizes sophisticated technology that filters out superfluous information, giving users an enhanced view of the heart.